CBD edibles for my anxiety

When it comes to the world of cannabis, I am not very fun.

When my friends found out I had a medical marijuana card they immediately thought it was so I could get cannabis in order to get high.

No, I am an actual medical weed patient. I rely on medical cannabis to reduce my anxiety. I don’t even have any cool cannabis equipment either, much to my friends’ disappointment. I don’t take flower or even oil. So no bong, pipe, hookah, rolling papers or vape. What I do is an edible form of cannabis. I have CBD infused gummies that I eat in the morning and a couple at night. I only eat a couple of them and I then feel relaxed. They help me be calmer and focused during my work day. At night the CBD edibles help me sleep better at night. My friends at first thought that I had a product that could get them high. Everyone wanted to come over, eat some gummies and be high. I hated to disappoint them that my CBD edible isn’t nearly that cool. I choose a product that has no traces of THC, the chemical that gets you high. CBD is the medical component of the cannabis plant that helps with all sorts of issues. So I could eat that whole bag of gummies and only feel relaxed at the end of the night. That is all that it will do for me. I am glad too. I really don’t want my friends eating my gummies that help me with my anxiety.


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