I liked the 1:1 tincture but they don't have it anymore

There are easily some things that annoying myself as well as others.

One thing is finding a medical pot product that really works well for everyone of us plus the dispensary then decide to get rid of that product.

Every one of us do not fully understand the problems that the place has. When there are marijuana products that everyone liked, they should keep those items inside of the store at all times. When I came Beach lake house from the dispensary last week, every one of us were upset. Everyone of us were not alright and had a lot of questions asking about our mental health. It was a big problem like going to the grocery store and finding out that they no longer have the hamburger buns that you pick out every single time. The store brand is not his number one. He simply told myself plus others that he would find some other buns to use. I did not like that answer at all plus decided to leave the dining room and go down the hallway. I sat down on the bed plus every one of us started talking and we found out that there were some products that the dispensary did not have any longer. One of the products was a 1:1 tincture. Four more than the last couple of years, every one of us have used a harlequin product that helps with arthritis pain and relaxes myself as well as others so we can fall directly asleep. The Harlequin product was no longer available and that was the one thing that helped the most.


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