I can walk more easily with medical pot

My doctor suggested I use medical pot to ease up the discomfort in my legs and knees.

I certainly didn’t expect him to give me this suggestion.

Every one of us did not anticipate that a medical professional would tell myself as well as others to consider marijuana. We believe that they would give myself and others some pain pills. Every one of us were taking medication and every one of us wanted to rebel if they were going to prescribe something else. My hubby plus myself already discussed looking for a doctor that would be able to help us obtain a medical pot card. Every one of us preferred the method of using more natural medications to ease up the constant pain I was having in my back. I had to use a cane everyday plus the therapist suggested a walker plus even a wheelchair. I was fatigued from not being independent. Every one of us were unsure if every one of us would be able to walk again without help from an assisted device. I needed to find out if using medical pot would help ease up the pain and help myself plus others feel more independent. The doctor gave me the recommendation plus this easily cemented it for me. My hubby plus myself sought out a medical professional that should absolutely give myself plus others a medical marijuana identification card. After a year, I can honestly say that I can walk much more easily now that I have been using medical pot to treat my illnesses

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