I was hopeful for a better sale that day

For the more than two weeks prior to a sale, the marijuana shop talked about major sales that would happen in the next couple of days.

Everyone expected wonderful prices on all of the products that we respectfully use. Every one of us use medical marijuana plus every one of us knew that the celebration in April would be fun. It absolutely sounded exciting when everyone of us spoke with people that experience the April celebration. When everyone of us were in our first month, the medical marijuana dispensary began advertising most of the discounted products. On normal weekends we could receive 20% off the entire order but during the April celebration we were having discount tears and offers. The sales had to be completed during the April celebration. Each person received a 10% discount on the first order then you are our trip into the medical marijuana shop would give you a next percentage of 20. Only the third it was 30 and 4th it was 40. We decided to wait to get all of the products when we realized that we were going to need to spend a ton of money in order to qualify for the sale at all. It was way too much money for us to spend. Instead my hubby in addition to myself waited until a couple of days after the sale and we ended up getting a great deal and more products for our money than we would have if we would not have waited at all.


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