How many states have legal cannabis

I recently started a couple of articles on medical cannabis and I assume that medical cannabis was something that was legal across the board for everyone.

I was beginning to think that the government was not recognizing all of the benefits.

Nearly each and every one of the states allows for.cbd and low-dose THC products. I spoke with a number of people about legalizing recreational marijuana and I was met with a lot of different reviews. Some people believe that it is a drug and should never be legalized and other people want to see that drug be more like a free-for-all. There is absolutely no way that I can do that, but I do think that it would be helpful and a good idea. They will believe that medical marijuana should be legalized, but they did not want to legalize recreational use. As a person that has been using medical marijuana for a year, and I have a vastly different opinion than even I did last year. I think it seems clear to everyone that there are ways that we can help the situation. Absolutely takes a trained try to catch some of these problems before they rarely and hardly ever occur. I would love to show people that the people I was with in addition to myself or care about the same with any other medical marijuana or recreational drug. It has to be taken in moderation in order for it to work and not cause some kind of problem.

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