I owe my good health to the green drug

Medical marijuana was made a law and I thought that everyone in the country was going to have access to the drug.

My husband quickly told me that products and the states are a bit different.

I did not use any drugs worse than the dentist or doctor have prescribed and I was also brought up in a condo where the people I was with in addition to myself were consistently told that drugs equals death and that included marijuana. My husband convinced myself and others that I should finally talk to a doctor and I was having a lot of problems with rheumatoid arthritis and I was using a cane. When my hubby brought up the subject of medical marijuana, I thought that he was probably joking. He brought it up two days in a row and said something so I thought that they probably weren’t throwing a huge story. My hubby tried to convince myself in addition to others. Dentists would be able to help with medical marijuana. I absolutely refuse to talk about the hospital or the workers even a couple of weeks later. Then one day, I called my husband in addition to ask if there wasn’t anything identifiable about medical marijuana. He said no but that the taste really can stand up. I asked a lot of identifiable questions about medical marijuana and some were unusual at that point. That was nearly six months ago and now every one of us are an unusual buyer from a manager usually state with legal recreational cannabis and medical laws.


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