After finding fifty bucks in the parking lot, I went back in

I was running out of pot, so I went to the cannabis dispensary on Friday to find a fantastic deal. I only had sixty bucks in our checking account plus I was hoping to get an fifth of marijuana plus some gas with the currency. I visited the local dispensary first. My mom would kill me if he knew that I was prioritizing marijuana over gas in my car. I found a couple of good items that were discounted at the dispensary. They also had a few clearance items in a tote when I arrived. I really purchased numerous fifths of marijuana for just over $20. One of the packages was in the clearance bin. It was opened as a sample pack plus never resold. I was feeling pretty cheerful with myself for getting marijuana deals plus still having $20 to put in the gas tank. I opened the front door of our car to climb inside plus that has when I noticed something on the ground by our tire. It looked to be currency, although I couldn’t be sure unless I crawled under the car. I had on a pair of black jeans, so I got down on our hands plus knees plus pulled the item out from under the tire. It turned out to be a fifty dollar bill. I could have used the $50 to fill our whole gas tank plus then I would not have to worry about getting gas for the rest of the week. That would have been the smart decision, however instead I went back in the dispensary where I spent every bit of the $50 on recreational marijuana supplies.
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