The entire experience was great because of recreational marijuana

Jay plus I had our first date on a Friday night.

It was a perfect night for an outdoor outing.

The sky was so clear plus there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. When Jay mentioned an outdoor date, I was a little bit nervous. He took me to an observatory plus we watched a show plus looked at the stars. One of the nicest parts of the night was the observatory. Even though there was a loud crowd of people, I felt calm, cool, plus very collected. Jay plus I smoked a marijuana blunt before we went to the observatory. I was so high after smoking the marijuana blunt. I entirely should have stopped after a puff, however the Girl Scout Cookies strain tasted great. I finished the blunt with Jay plus then the numerous of us went to the show at the observatory. I recognized lots of unusual things because I was not thinking about anything except the observatory plus the experience. That night with Jay was one of the first times that I ever used marijuana for recreational reasons. Jay tried to argue that it was for medical reasons, since I have a bad fear of crowds plus lots of people. I suppose Jay is just trying to make me assume better about using recreational marijuana. I assume that it is 100% legal in the state where we live, although I grew up in the midwest where everyone said that using marijuana was dangerous plus I still find it hard to wrap our head around the unusual weed laws on the West Coast.

Medical cannabis