I do not like the pineapple/peach flavored edibles

Edibles are the best way to consume medical marijuana in my opinion.

I sincerely never saw myself using medical marijuana edibles to treat any pains that I felt. I have consistently viewed marijuana as a harmful drug. I never thought that our mind would change on that stance, however it has. I realize that there is room for marijuana to be an effective alternative treatment and therapy for any number of patients. One of those patients is me. The nurse urged me to try using medical marijuana for several years. I did not give in until after our husband plus I attended the anniversary for some friends of ours. One of the grooms had a marijuana joint plus I smoked out with the guy. I had a honestly, honestly small amount of marijuana plus I was really high. I was laughing a lot plus feeling zero pain… When the high wore off, the pain returned. After the experience, I realized that using medical marijuana could be helpful to me plus I was overlooking it as a chance for treatment. The nurse was pleasantly surprised when I agreed to a trial. One thing that I entirely prefer the most is using Edibles. Edible marijuana treats are great, because I do not have to smoke anything. Some of our number fave one edible cannabis treats are gummies plus hard candies. It feels that I am eating something that isn’t medicated. Most of the Edibles plus gummies do not have a harsh marijuana taste. I do not prefer the pineapple/peach flavor; For some strange plus weird reason, pineapple/peach doesn’t seem to mask the taste of marijuana honestly well. I found the pineapple/peach edibles to be bitter plus plant flavored.

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