The price of marijuana was pretty low after 420

My friend Max as well as I saved up money from our paychecks in the months of February as well as May, so that the two of us would have plenty of money to spend on 420! The sales that morning were incredible, then Max as well as I found a ton of great deals.

Most arenas provided 25 or 30% off the entire store inventory.

Max as well as I tried to go to each one of the local dispensaries that were having a sale or a free giveaway, however we managed to score some really good stuff, then i bought a glass bowl, 2 containers of rolling papers, free weed, as well as a lot of swag material… One of our other friends scored a gram of live resin concentrate as well as Max ended up with really costly pre-rolls in her bag. I purchased plenty of marijuana supplies as well as I knew that the supplies would last for a while. I still care about to look at the sales each week. I was surprised that the price on weed was still low even after the 420 holiday was over! Last weekend I went to the dispensary with Max as the stuff was still 30% off. They even offered some really good BOGO sales that were not available on 420. It absolutely made myself and Max rethink our strategy for next year. If the dispensaries are still going to offer low prices even after the end of March, then there really is no reason to save up a bunch of money as well as spend everything on the same morning. It seems as if about waiting a few mornings until after the holiday may be a good plan too.

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