I waited for the delivery and my girlfriend went to the movie without me

Last Friday night, my girlfriend and I ordered a couple of items from the marijuana delivery service in town.

I prefer to order from the delivery service on Fridays, because that is the one day during the week when they have the best sales.

Every Friday night, the dispensary offers all of their products for 25% off. Even that clearance items are on sale. They are not included on the online menu, but people shopping in the store can choose those items as well. Everything except the clearance products are listed on the website. I added several items to my shopping cart and selected the 6 to 6:30 delivery time slot. My girlfriend and I had tickets to see a movie at 8:15. I believed I would have plenty of time even if the delivery driver was late. My girlfriend really wanted to see the movie and she was not very happy when I decided to place a marijuana delivery order two hours before our movie. I promised my girlfriend that everything was going to be fun, but it wasn’t. The delivery driver had not shown up by 7:50, so my girlfriend left the apartment and went to the movie without me. We got into a huge argument and she tried to say that I care about marijuana more than I care about her. It was a ridiculous argument, and one that could have been avoided if the marijuana delivery service had been there on time. The driver finally arrived about fifteen minutes after 8. The guy apologized for the delay and blamed the downtown traffic. I still could have gone to the movie, but I decided to stay home instead.



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