The dispensary around the corner has free weed on Wednesdays

The dispensary around the corner from my apartment has free weed on Wednesdays.

  • This particular recreational and medical marijuana dispensary is the only place in town that regularly gives away free stuff.

Every Wednesday the dispensary gives away one gram samples of their newest greatest available strain. The strain is always a top-shelf product. Last week I got a strain called pineapple upside down cake. The sample was so delicious that I went back to the dispensary the next day to buy an eighth of the same product. I never would have spent an extra $50 in the dispensary if they had not given me the free product. I’ve tried dozens of different strains thanks to this unique giveaway. I tried a strain called Cinderella 99. It tasted like coconuts and it made me feel energized for hours. I also tried a memorable Indica strain called papaya. It had a very nice flavor like lemons and limes, probably due to the terpene profile of that particular marijuana strain. I think the free weed on Wednesdays is a great advertising campaign. If other places around the city had a similar advertising plan, I believe that it would be much more difficult to make my decision when I am choosing where I want to spend my money. All of my friends and I particularly go to this dispensary, due to the fact that they have the free weed with every purchase promotion on Wednesdays. Even though it’s a small amount, it’s the free stuff that gets us into the door.

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