What to do for some sleep

I have regularly experienced trouble with sleep.

  • I have problems falling asleep.

I can’t seem to calm our head and clear our mind! Once I fall asleep, staying asleep is pretty difficult too. Any little sound wakes me up and I frequently need to use the bathroom in the middle of the evening. I have tried natural tactics to increase our opportunity of sleeping. I don’t expose myself to my ipad before bed. I have tried drinking soothing tea, eating early, yoga for relaxation, using a sound device and bought new sheets. Nothing seemed to repair me. I then did some research and found that people are having success with cannabis. With a little THC in the system, people are falling asleep and staying in REM. Apparently it relaxes you just enough. You don’t want to overdo it on the THC or you are up all evening high evidently. So I have gone the medical weed route. I saw a doctor, filled out the papers and paid our fee. I then got a cannabis card and went to the cannabis dispensary near me. The budtenders were entirely fantastic about finding the right sleep aid for myself. I now use a cannabis oil that puts a few drops in our tea in the evening. I genuinely don’t taste anything unusual at all. I do recognize a little more relaxed and loose once I drink our tea. My sleeping is a bit nicer. I can fall asleep quite a lot and sometimes I don’t wake up as often. I think I might need a higher THC amount though. I will be heading back to the dispensary quick.



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