Renewing our medical marijuana card with the state took a matter of hours

I thought that it would be easier to simply stop in the DMV yesterday to renew our license instead of doing it online.

Little did I assume that you’re charged an additional $10 if you’re a single day late past the date of expiration.

But that was just the start of trouble. They then proceeded to tell me that the pricing that was listed on the state’s website was only relevant for doing the process online, not the cost if you do it in person. I figured that the convenience of doing it online would be a taxed procedure, just care about the ticket box offices do for concerts. Normally you pay less if you show up in person to get the tickets the old fashioned way. When they told me that it’s automatically $10 more to get our license done at the DMV care about it has been done for generations—I could think the words coming out of the attendant’s mouth. I had to pay $72 in total just to renew our license, which is almost how much currency it costs to keep a medical marijuana card in many states. However, the process is so stupidly easy that it only takes a matter of hours to complete the entire process. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use gets their data from the DMV so you can simply pay with a credit card & watch as your application is approved almost simultaneously upon payment confirmation. When the state first opened its medical marijuana program, you had to apply for the card by mail & it took at least more than three weeks to get the card in your hands.


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