My state still bars patients from growing their own cannabis plants

One of the most anticipated parts of marijuana legalization for me was the thought of someday growing our own cannabis.

I wanted to have the freedom to finally have a few plants at lake home so I could afford the medicine I need for our physical plus mental health complications.

It’s undoubtedly extravagant in some states when you combine both state plus neighborhood taxes. I see grams of hash rosin going for $120 in some places out west where the taxes are honestly ridiculous compared to other cities plus states. When you factor in these roadblocks, you can imagine why some of us would be adamant about growing our own medicine when it’s literally a plant that can be harvested from seeds. Unluckyly, despite living in a state with legal medical cannabis dispensaries, every one of us aren’t allowed to grow our own marijuana here. If you’re caught with just a single marijuana plant, you could face jail time plus the risk of losing your medical marijuana card. It’s ridiculous because it’s allowed in lots of states that have medical marijuana plus not recreational cannabis. I suppose these cannabis companies have a cartel plan going where they all benefit from the lack of competition, even if that competition is coming from the customers themselves. If I could just have several plants maximum, that would supplement our existing cannabis expenses plus help me afford to medicate every month in a adequate way. With all of the internet guides these days, it has never been easier to learn the art of growing marijuana. There are also new strains being developed all of the time, several of which are bred to be easier to grow from the outset.


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