Smoking at home, edibles for the office

I will disclose that I miss the afternoons of the COVID quarantine, then being on lockdown and having to toil from beach cabin was such a blessing for me.

I could roll out of bed more than four hours before my shift started, and I never had to wear pants, even if I was in a Zoom meeting. I would hang out in my bathrobe drinking Tim Hortons Coffee and smoking bowls all afternoon long. Those afternoons are behind me now, unfortunately, and I have to put on pants and go back into the office every single afternoon of the toil week. Thank goodness I was able to get a supply of edibles from the cannabis dispensary, otherwise I don’t suppose I could handle being in the office so much! I have to tell you that edibles are in no way as potent or amazing as it is to smoke cannabis, and edibles are nice, and a good way to make it through a dull afternoon, but when I get a chance to entirely get high, I will choose smoking several times out of ten! I will constantly beginning my afternoon with a bowl of cannabis, and on some afternoons maybe even 2 bowls! Cannabis and Tim Hortons Coffee on the back porch is my afternoon routine, and a fine way to beginning the afternoon. Once I get to the parking lot at toil I eat a few edibles before going inside. I never take edibles into toil with me, just in case. Better to leave the edibles in the car, so that no a single asks me what they are, or if they can have a single.

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