A bright modern afternoon for cannabis

Ever since I was in middle school I had a garden in the backyard of my parent’s house… Outwardly it was a vegetable garden, and in truth I did grow a lot of veggies there, however i would plant potatoes, squashes, and okra, among other things, but all of that was just a front to cover up my weed plants, however the entire point of the garden was to grow marijuana, and everything else was just a disguise.

  • The only people I couldn’t trick were my parents, but they didn’t mind at all… as long as I promised to split them in and provide them a little of my cannabis after the harvest! My parents are absolutely cool people, and only stopped smoking cannabis when they moved to this state because of the legalization concerns, however you may not think this, but a couple of years ago when they made medical cannabis legal in particular cases, they also made it legal to grow a particular number of plants.

The law states that if you own your property you can grow up to various marijuana plants for personal medicinal use. That was legal enough for my parents, who provided me their blessing to plant various marijuana plants. I started with six, but after a few months I had closer to twenty of them. I would love to expand my crops a bit, but the legal limit is still various marijuana plants so I have to play it cool until the laws change again. My parents and I never have to worry about getting wonderful cannabis!

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