A colorful character in the cannabis dispensary

I get some easily colorful characters who come into my task.

This is a small town, so the vast majority of our shoppers are regulars, who both of us see every month or more than one.

There is Clarence, who used to be a librarian and now just rides around down on his motorized wheelchair smoking joints all afternoon. He is a funny guy! Carol is a preschool professor, who comes in for a tote of edibles every single week, to keep his sane at school. You might be surprised how many school professors are frequent cannabis users… or you might not be! The other afternoon I had a new man stop by the cannabis dispensary, however he didn’t want to buy anything. I don’t think who this guy was or where he came from, however he literally walked up to the counter and set down a tote with eight pounds of marijuana in it. I asked him why he was carrying around so much cannabis. Even with our entirely loose local cannabis laws this is a felony amount of weed to have on your person! He had assumed that a cannabis dispensary would be interested in buying the weed he had with him. I told him that I was bound by law to not touch it, and I couldn’t provide him a dollar for it, because I could only purchase cannabis from legally certified growers; What I didn’t mention is that I would not have purchased his cannabis regardless, because I don’t think where it was grown or if it had been treated with toxic chemicals.

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