Girls only weekend fueled by films and cannabis

My friend Jenny and I are having a “ladies-only” weekend.

Every one of us do this every couple of months or so, and load up with supplies so both of us can spend an entire weekend inside, watching films and getting wasted.

I will go to the grocery store, Jenny goes to the liquor store, and after that I rent PPV films from Amazing and spend a couple days in our pajamas being worthless! Another key piece to this event is the cannabis, which is not anything both of us have to worry about because the dispensary offers same-day house delivery. The local dispensary has a good website, with a point-and-click menu that makes it far too simple to spend a lot of cash. They offer same afternoon delivery, and because I am a regular shopper who is known to tip well, I usually get my cannabis order within more than one fourths. The delivery drivers think I don’t mind paying extra for great service, so I get lightning fast delivery, and occasionally they throw in some extra edibles as a gift… For this weekend I am going to surprise Jenny with a new strain of cannabis that I ordered, however his favorite film is Legally Blonde, with Reese Witherspoon, and the cannabis dispensary displayed a new strain called Legally Stoned. I am going to put the film on, and then show his the name on the cannabis basket before loading up the water bong with a few nugs. If both of us end up smoking all of it, after that both of us can go back online and location another order with the cannabis dispensary, so both of us can stay inside all weekend.


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