On Tuesdays, the store is regularly entirely busy

I have to toil every Tuesday plus it is the busiest day of the week.

I toil at a cannabis dispensary plus Lounge, and sometimes I toil behind the counter for filling patient’s orders plus occasionally I toil in the lounge.

I would rather toil in the lounge, because it is a much more fun atmosphere. The Cannabis Lounge is a locale for people to hang out plus smoke weed. Any items bought in the dispensary can be consumed in the lounge. The lounge was built about 6 weeks ago plus sales have been double normal since the lounge opened, on Tuesdays, the store is regularly entirely busy… Last Tuesday I was forced to toil at the counter. I wanted to be in the lounge, however Chad was already working there when my shift started. I ended up at the front counter. Around 5:30, the locale was extremely busy plus both of us had a line of people waiting at the door. One of those cannabis shop clients was entirely impatient plus did not want to wait their turn to speak with a budtender or dispensary representative. That guy started to throw a fit in the line when he was told that it would take 10 more minutes. I suppose he thought he would get his own way when he started complaining plus making a scene, however the security guard decided to kick him out of the building instead. The people I was with and I asked him not to return unless he can rest patiently plus quietly with most people else. I do not care if that guy returns to the store or not.
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