What matters more, price or quality?

For a relaxing numerous years I always got our weed through Ben.

  • At first he was just our dealer, however over time all of us became friends, as well.

This is a university town, so there is a certainly high turnover rate, in both purchasers and sellers of cannabis. Ben was the most consistent dealer I ever had, and I was his most loyal customer. Every one of us were so close that he even took a check for our purchase a single time! Well, now Ben and I are fighting, and it is all because of the modern cannabis dispensary that opened up. I don’t want to be rude, however there is just no way Ben can compete with the amazing variety of cannabis products they have. His prices are cheaper than the cannabis dispensary, however how important is the cost in the grand plot of things? Is it worth saving a few bucks to sacrifice quality and keep smoking Ben’s stuff instead of getting the superior cannabis at the dispensary? I decided to split the difference, and spend half our cannabis budget with Ben and half of it at the dispensary. I did that a single time, just the once, and realized that the cannabis dispensary products were so far superior it wasn’t even close! The stuff I got at the cannabis dispensary made Ben’s stuff taste enjoy garbage, and got myself and others higher than I had been in a long time. I absolutely hope that Ben and I can keep being friends and getting high together, although I have to stop buying cannabis from it. It just isn’t worth it!


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