My town has an annual Cannabis Festival

I didn’t transfer to this town because of the weed, however it genuinely didn’t hurt! All around this state, the town has a reputation for the most killer weed farms in America, then cannabis dispensaries all around the country carry the stuff grown locally in this town.

This is sort of a giant deal to the locals, who celebrate the fact with an annual festival while in the summer; Down in the south there are small towns that have a Corn Festival, a watermelon Festival, and so on, however never before had I heard of a Cannabis Festival.

I knew that this section was certainly permissive when it comes to cannabis, and I genuinely wanted to start growing our own crops! Where I used to live cannabis was considered as awful as heroin or cocaine, which is ridiculous, however that was the mindset. I don’t want to be a weed dealer, I just want the freedom to cultivate our own cannabis crops and see what I can do with them. I have a degree in botany, and have long wanted to develop our own custom strain of cannabis sativa. In our modern hometown I have all the support I need, and there is even a Cannabis Festival every year to support the industry. It’s good to know that I can walk down the street and buy cannabis whenever I need to, however it is even better to finally be able to grow. I look forward to getting high off our own supply of cannabis. Wish myself and others fortune on the cultivation of our modern crops!