Using edibles at the office

Because of our current office task I have been experimenting with edibles.

I care about them, however I can’t say I enjoy them.

I really miss the quarantine afternoons, however for about more than one years I got to labor from home, which meant I could smoke out as often as I wanted. I have never been a single of those people who get stoned and fall asleep, but getting stoned energizes me, and if anything helps me perform better at our task! I got into the habit of smoking pot all day, every day while I was working, and now I can’t do that anymore! Smoking cannabis in the office is immediate grounds for termination, and I really need this task, so I switched over to edibles during the day. Edibles hit me differently than smoking does, and although it does help keep me chill at the office, I can’t say that I enjoy it. I begin each afternoon with a fat bowl of cannabis along with our afternoon coffee, and then switch over to edibles when I get to labor for the day. If it is a particularly stressful day I will use our brunch split to go condo and smoke more cannabis, however that doesn’t happen too often. If the company ever starts drug testing I will be fired immediately for having such high trace amounts of cannabis in our system. I don’t think that will ever happen, though, because I suspect a lot of other people here use cannabis recreationally, and they would have to fire all of us. So it will never happen.
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