Finding the best bargains on cannabis

Although this town is very old, it has started to cultivate a trendy downtown area.

There are little art galleries and cafes along the central promenade, and it makes for a nice place to have a walk around.

Every Sunday they have a farmer’s market, and once a month they do an outdoor art show. It is the one spot of culture and vibrance in an otherwise grim and blue collar town, so I have been going there as often as possible. I don’t just go there for the sights, however, because the downtown area is also home to three different cannabis dispensaries. I would have been happy with one cannabis dispensary being open, but there are a lot of benefits from having three. It doesn’t mean I buy three times as much cannabis, it means I can bargain hunt for the best deals between the three stores. Every week one of the cannabis dispensaries will have some kind of special event or big sale, to try and draw in the customers of their rival. I love how the cannabis dispensaries battle each other for my money. This translates into being able to find great deals on cannabis products on a regular basis. I wish I could tell you it meant that I was saving some money, but I always sink my savings into buying more cannabis. I don’t think that I have paid full retail price for cannabis in well over six months, and even then it was when I was away on vacation and away from my normal dispensaries. .


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