Never too late to find legal weed and some balance in life

It’s weird how when you anticipate something for so long and then it happens, it’s just not what you thought it’d be.

That’s exactly how retirement went for me.

I worked at the same place for almost 40 years. Day after day, I made sure I was in that office. There was no recreational pot smoking or chasing my passions. I had to provide for the family and do all that stuff that I was taught was important for a man to do. I sort of wish now that I’d started with the recreational pot much sooner. Things might have been different had legal weed happened earlier. But that’s really neither here nor there. By the time I got to that retirement goal I’d set all of my life, it wasn’t at all what I’d planned. I was alone for one thing. The kids were grown and my wife left. The job was over and I was just sort of lost. My sister got me to move closer to her and this state has legal cannabis. My sister got me into a different way of thinking and acting. I had all this time now and she helped me have the courage to go after my passions. She also took me to the cannabis store near me and told me to pick out some recreational weed. I had no idea about legal cannabis so I had the guy working at the counter help me. Six months later and I’m just a different person. I feel happy and balanced for the first time. I have legal marijuana to thank for much of that.
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