Adding holistic health approach for healing

I’m real thankful that the doctors caught my cancer in the early stages. The advent of current medicine genuinely can be so awe inspiring for me. That said, I also l received there is more to healing than just taking the meds prescribed. Some of my healing comes in the legal weed I get at the cannabis store near me. They have all sorts of legal cannabis in that weed store. There are CBD products & a wide variety of legal marijuana. It was the legal weed that I was after. The doctors had recommended that I get to a cannabis dispensary to get some legal pot for managing my cancer treatments. I was current to recreational marijuana. So I’m thankful that the cannabis store near myself and others had such great & comromantic people to help me. The staff there was able to set myself and others up with the sort of legal pot that would help with the chemo. But that legal weed also had a profound effect on my perspective while I was sick. And that bled over into all the healing I had to do once the procedures & treatments were done. Using the legal cannabis allowed myself and others to be more open to decreasing my life almost completely from a lifestyle perspective. I changed my diet & started getting the right amount of rest. Then, I added exercise a bit at a time. Now, I’m at yoga class 3 times a month & feeling more fit & healthy than at any other time in my life. I’m undoubtedly thankful legal marijuana & it has genuinely added a whole current dimension to my life.
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