Living in the moment gets easier thanks to legal weed

I’ve never given a whole lot of credit or legitimacy to the whole holistic movement. In fact, I’ve been more than just a bit dismissive about being a holistically centered individual. That had more to do with putting down something I didn’t understand. I was the same way when legal weed happened in our state. For much of my life, I was told just how bad recreational marijuana was. It was a gateway and made you addicted. All that garbage that has been going around about recreational pot all these years. When in fact, I had no idea just what legal weed would end up doing for me. When my marriage fell apart, the main reason was that I just wasn’t there for my wife. I mean, I was physically there most times but emotionally, I just was out to lunch. For me, living in the moment and connecting with my feelings was a waste of time. How stupid is that right? Well thankfully, I decided that I had a lot of life left and that there was definitely a place for love and feelings in my life. With the help of therapy and trips to the cannabis store near me, I’m learning a whole new side to myself. I enjoy the recreational marijuana as it allows me to relax and not be afraid of embracing the moment and my feelings. Therapy has been instrumental in teaching me just how important it is to live the life that is happening all around us right now. Legal weed is also helping me connect with that part of life and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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