Using medical marijuana as a sleep aid

In general, I have always had troubles with sleeping.

I have tried a variety of pills, melatonin, plus tiredtime tea. While these chances will labor at times, they have not been a permanent solution. When I speak with my doctor, she tells myself and others that I should not use a sleep aid as a permanent addition to my routine because it can have a long term impact on my quality of sleep. The last time I spoke with my doctor, I told her that I am interested in getting my medical marijuana ID card so that I can purchase medical marijuana to use as a sleep aid, and my doctor told myself and others that while several people report that they use marijuana as a sleep aid, it is still too soon for research to determine the lasting outcomes of using marijuana as a sleep aid. My doctor also told myself and others how medical marijuana works to help with sleep. The cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to promote sleep, but both CBD plus THC can have this effect. My doctor asked that before I go through with the medical marijuana ID, I try using CBD. There are CBD stores in our community that do not require certification, so I can go to the store plus purchase products to see if they improve my sleep. Per her recommendation, I did just that. The CBD store had gummies particularally designed to help you sleep. When I gave it a try, it helped quite a bit. I will easily continue to take them before bed.
Medical Marijuana Doctor