The delivery guy wouldn't take my cash

My girlfriend and I decided to order some cannabis supplies from a local shop.

We were already at home for the night and neither one of us felt like going anywhere, so we agreed to use the Cannabis delivery service. My girlfriend and I ordered a couple of different Edibles from the shop along with an eighth of blue dream and a 1/2 oz of OG Kush. Those strains are particularly fragrant and filled with THC crystals. I didn’t have enough cash at home, so I went to the ATM to get some extra money. The $20 bills were sitting on the front seat and my drink spilled all over them. When I got back to the house, they were soaked in Pepsi. I rinsed the $20 bills off with warm water and I placed them on that counter to dry. When the delivery driver arrived with our cannabis supplies, he took one look at the money and told me that he wasn’t going to take the counterfeit bills. I laughed out loud, because I thought the driver was joking around. He honestly would not take the money and he left with the marijuana supplies. I tried to explain about the Pepsi and the wet bills, but the guy was convinced that I was trying to scam the company. I called the dispensary manager after the guy left and she refused to tell the guy to come back. If he was concerned that the bills were fake, she thought it was a better idea for me to come to the store for pickup.



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